WhatsApp Introduces “View Once” for Self-Destructing Voice Messages

WhatsApp Introduces “View Once” for Self-Destructing Voice Messages

WhatsApp has announced the expansion of its “View Once” feature, allowing users to set voice messages to disappear after the recipient listens to them. While initially associated with photos and videos, the feature will now cover audio messages as well. Despite the branding being a bit confusing, the move is seen as a positive step in enhancing privacy for another messaging format within the service.

The “View Once” feature has been available for photos and videos since 2021, offering users the ability to send content that disappears after being viewed once. Now, the same concept is being applied to voice messages. WhatsApp suggests practical uses for the feature, such as reading out credit card details or planning surprises.

Despite not being visible on all devices immediately, the official press release states that the feature will roll out globally for iOS and Android “over the coming days.” Users can reportedly make a voice note “View Once” by tapping the “1” icon next to the message’s waveform during recording.

The expansion of self-destructing messages aligns with WhatsApp’s efforts to provide users with enhanced privacy controls, catering to various preferences and scenarios. Although initially known through code sleuthing by WABetaInfo, the official announcement confirms the global rollout of the feature.

As technology evolves, messaging platforms like WhatsApp continue to introduce features that balance convenience with user privacy. The “View Once” feature for voice messages adds another layer of control for users who prefer a temporary and private sharing experience.

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