Montana’s Attempt to Ban TikTok Blocked by U.S. Judge

Montana’s Attempt to Ban TikTok Blocked by U.S. Judge

A U.S. judge has denied Montana’s attempt to ban TikTok, stating that the law “violates the constitution” and “oversteps state power.” The state had passed a unique law in May, prohibiting residents from using TikTok and imposing a $10,000 fine for violators. TikTok promptly sued the state, along with TikTok users residing in Montana.

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy issued a preliminary injunction on Thursday, blocking the state’s ban. The law had been introduced under the premise of “protecting Montanans from the Chinese Communist Party obtaining and using their data,” an allegation consistently denied by TikTok.

The judge’s decision was seen as a victory for TikTok, owned and operated by China-based ByteDance. A TikTok spokesperson expressed satisfaction with the ruling, emphasizing that hundreds of thousands of Montanans could continue using the platform to express themselves, earn a living, and find community.

While the ruling is preliminary, it marks a significant setback for Montana’s attempt to restrict TikTok usage within its borders. The case will likely continue to unfold as legal proceedings progress.

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