Threads Introduce Tags, a Twist on Hashtags, Globally

Threads Introduce Tags, a Twist on Hashtags, Globally

In a recent announcement, Instagram head Adam Mosseri revealed the global rollout of Tags on Threads, a feature reminiscent of hashtags but with a unique approach.

Unlike traditional hashtags on platforms like Instagram and X (formerly Twitter), Tags on Threads bring a new dimension to user expression. When crafting a Threads post, users initiate a tag by tapping the # symbol and then entering their chosen topic. Notably, Tags offer more flexibility compared to hashtags, allowing users to compose entire phrases with spaces and incorporate special characters, as explained by Mosseri. It’s important to note that each post can only contain one tag.

The underlying purpose of Tags on Threads mirrors that of hashtags – fostering connections with individuals interested in similar topics. Mosseri emphasizes, “If you share on Threads, [tags are] a great way to help connect with people who are interested in the topics you’re talking about.” He further highlights that for all users, Tags serve as a valuable tool to delve deeper into their interests.

Meta’s implementation of Tags, including the restriction to a single tag per post, is lauded as a strategic measure to prevent excessive hashtag spam. The effectiveness of Tags, however, hinges on user adoption. The community’s response will determine whether Tags on Threads evolve into a meaningful method for discovering and engaging in conversations about specific topics. The initial testing phase of Tags commenced in November with users in Australia, marking Meta’s proactive exploration of innovative features.

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