Telegram allows creators to share paid content on channels

Telegram allows creators to share paid content on channels

Telegram continues to innovate by expanding the utility of its digital currency, Stars, which it introduced last month. Initially used for purchasing digital goods from bots and apps within the app, Stars can now be used by content creators to offer paid content to users. Users can unlock this content by using Stars, enhancing monetization opportunities for creators on Telegram.

In addition to content monetization, Telegram is allowing channel owners to convert Stars into Toncoin, the cryptocurrency utilized over The Open Network (TON) blockchain. This conversion can be facilitated through the Fragment platform, providing flexibility for channel owners to manage their digital assets.

Furthermore, channel owners can opt to use Stars for discounts on promotions within Telegram, boosting visibility for their channels through ads. This integration enhances the ecosystem within Telegram, fostering both economic activities and user engagement.

Telegram’s latest update also includes enhancements for user experience. A Mini App bar has been introduced at the bottom of the interface, enabling users to access mini apps swiftly without reloading them. This feature streamlines navigation and enhances usability for users engaging with various mini apps on Telegram.

Moreover, Telegram has improved story discovery mechanisms. Users can now tap on hashtags within captions to discover all public stories associated with that hashtag. Additionally, adding location tags to stories allows users to explore public stories from specific locations by tapping on the tag.

These updates reflect Telegram’s ongoing efforts to enrich its platform with new features that enhance user interaction, content discovery, and economic opportunities for creators and businesses within its ecosystem.

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