Google’s AI-powered editing tools are now available to all Google Photos users for free

Google’s AI-powered editing tools are now available to all Google Photos users for free

Google is expanding its AI-powered editing tools, previously limited to Pixel devices and paid subscribers, to all Google Photos users for free. This includes features like Magic Editor, Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, Portrait Light, and more.

These tools have been exclusive to Pixel devices and Google One subscribers, but Google is now making them accessible to a wider audience. The expansion is part of Google’s efforts to provide more value to users and compete with other AI-powered editing tools on the market.

However, there are some requirements and limitations to note. The tools will start rolling out on May 15 and may take weeks to reach all users. Additionally, there are hardware device requirements, such as minimum RAM and OS versions, for using the tools on ChromeOS and mobile devices.

Magic Editor is the standout feature, leveraging generative AI to perform complex photo edits like sky replacement and object removal. This tool was previously exclusive to Pixel devices but will now be available to all Pixel users and iOS/Android users who meet the device requirements.

While most features will be accessible to all Google Photos users, Magic Editor saves will be limited for non-Pixel users. They will have 10 saves per month, with additional saves requiring a Premium Google One plan.

Overall, this expansion aims to democratize AI-powered photo editing and provide users with more advanced editing capabilities directly within Google Photos.

Mubarak Hossain
Mubarak Hossain
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