Alcemy Raises $10M to Advance Cement Decarbonisation

Alcemy Raises $10M to Advance Cement Decarbonisation

Cement and concrete decarbonization startup Alcemy has raised $10 million to scale its cement decarbonization solution.

Founded in 2018 by Leopold Spenner and Dr. Robert Meyer in Berlin, Alcemy aims to transform the concrete and cement industry into a digital, greener age. Alcemy’s AI platform addresses cement decarbonisation by providing quality predictions throughout the clinker production process and at ready-mix concrete plants. By leveraging robust data and smart algorithms, Alcemy offers real-time insights along the entire value chain, from cement grinding to concrete processing on construction sites, turning a handcrafted natural product into a data-based high-tech product.

Alcemy’s solution allows companies in the emission-intensive cement industry to achieve higher quality, lower production costs, and significant CO2 savings. The software enables cement and concrete producers to reduce clinker content step by step, resulting in up to 65 percent emissions reduction.

Recently, Alcemy partnered with Spenner, Germany’s fifth-largest cement manufacturer, to produce a low-clinker, low-carbon cement mixture in a commercial setting—a global first for the industry.

Norrsken VC led the funding round, which will support continued research and development and Alcemy’s entry into multiple new markets in 2024, including the United States. Leading climate investors, including Galvanize Climate Solutions and AENU, also participated in the round.

Quote from Leopold Spenner, CEO and co-founder of Alcemy:
“We launched Alcemy with a bold vision: together with the manufacturers, we want to achieve the decarbonisation of the cement and concrete industry, which is responsible for 5-8 percent of CO2 emissions worldwide. What we have been able to achieve in commercial settings has only ever been done before in a lab. With this additional nearly $10 million in funding and support from Norrsken VC, in addition to our first-round investors, we’re paving the way to a low-carbon construction industry, one project at a time.”

Quote from Alexander Danielsson, partner at Norrsken VC:
“We couldn’t be happier to support Alcemy on their journey. Their AI-driven software demonstrates remarkable stickiness in the market and holds immense global potential, making a tangible impact in combating climate change. With a clear vision, proven track record, and a great, growing team, Alcemy is poised to lead the charge in revolutionizing the cement and concrete industry worldwide.”

Additionally, Alcemy has secured leading cement manufacturer TITAN America, a subsidiary of world leader Titan Group, as a customer. The startup will commence its US activities by deploying its AI-powered quality control software at a Titan cement plant in Florida.

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