Apple has swiftly reversed its decision and given the green light to the Epic Games Store

Apple has swiftly reversed its decision and given the green light to the Epic Games Store

Apple has reversed its initial decision and approved the Epic Games Store for iOS in the EU, mere hours after reports surfaced that the app had been rejected twice. Early on Friday, Epic Games expressed frustration, alleging that Apple’s rejections were “arbitrary, obstructive, and in violation” of the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

Later that same day, Apple reconsidered and approved the Epic Games Store. The earlier rejections were due to a download button and related copy that Apple deemed potentially confusing to consumers, making it seem as though elements within the app were Apple-made. Epic defended its design, claiming it adhered to naming conventions used across different platforms and followed standard iOS app conventions.

Apple confirmed the app’s approval to AppleInsider on Friday, allowing the app to proceed despite the button issue, which Epic must address in a future submission. This approval means that the graphical issue isn’t critical enough to block the app’s progress, but Epic will need to make the changes before the next app review.

Apple’s acceptance of the minor graphical issue paves the way for Epic to move forward with launching its iOS marketplace in the EU. However, the timeline for Epic’s full readiness remains uncertain, as the company still needs to complete the backend infrastructure for sales and downloads. Initially, Epic stated plans to launch the store on iOS “in the next couple of months.” While Apple’s approval may expedite this timeline, the exact impact remains unclear.

Following the publication of the approval, an Epic spokesperson noted that Apple still demands changes to the user interface in future versions, a point of contention Epic continues to dispute. Should Epic fail to implement these changes in a future update, the subsequent actions Apple may take are yet to be determined.

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