ChromeOS brings customization for keyboard shortcuts

ChromeOS brings customization for keyboard shortcuts

Google is introducing the April update to ChromeOS users, packed with several noteworthy features including customizable keyboard shortcuts and mouse button actions. Additionally, the update enhances offline text-to-speech voice support. Rolling out gradually over the next few days, ChromeOS M123 brings a range of user-friendly enhancements.

The standout feature of this update is the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts, a feature commonly found in other desktop operating systems. To enable this functionality, users will need to manually activate a setting flag named “#enable-shortcut-customization.” However, Google plans to streamline this process by enabling keyboard customization shortcuts by default in the upcoming ChromeOS update M124.

Furthermore, users can now personalize mouse button actions, especially beneficial for users with mice featuring additional buttons. Tasks such as taking screenshots, muting, unmuting, and inserting emojis can now be assigned to these extra mouse buttons. Additionally, users have the flexibility to designate dedicated key combinations for actions typically performed via keyboard shortcuts.

In addition to these headline features, ChromeOS M123 brings several smaller upgrades. Users can now adjust preferred languages per Android app through the “Settings > Apps > Manage your apps > App language” menu. Moreover, the update enhances the text-to-speech feature, offering a more natural-sounding voice that supports 31 languages and functions even when offline.

Overall, the April update to ChromeOS introduces significant customization options for users, empowering them to tailor their experience according to their preferences and usage patterns.

Mubarak Hossain
Mubarak Hossain
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