GTA VI trailer breaks MrBeast’s record for most YouTube views in 24 hours

GTA VI trailer breaks MrBeast’s record for most YouTube views in 24 hours

In a remarkable turn of events, the inaugural trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI has shattered records, amassing a staggering 85 million views within a mere 22 hours. This accomplishment not only signifies the immense anticipation surrounding the release of GTA 6 but also dethrones a video by renowned content creator MrBeast, previously holding the record for the most YouTube views in a 24-hour period.

Surpassing MrBeast’s mark of 59.4 million views within a day, the GTA 6 trailer has its sights set on breaking further records, excluding music videos. Notably, the current pinnacle in this domain is held by the K-Pop sensation BTS, whose music video for “Butter” amassed a colossal 108 million views in the same time frame.

The fervor surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI has been building over the course of a decade, as fans eagerly await the sequel to the immensely successful Grand Theft Auto V, released over ten years ago in September 2013. The fifth installment in the series, according to Guinness World Records, holds the title for the “highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours,” raking in an astounding $815.7 million on its release day and securing its position as the second best-selling video game of all time, trailing only behind Minecraft.

Originally scheduled for a Tuesday morning release, the trailer faced an unexpected leak on social media platform X (Twitter) a day ahead of its planned debut. In response, Rockstar Games, the publisher behind the GTA franchise, opted to officially unveil the trailer ahead of schedule. Despite the leak, the company managed to amass over 82 million views and 1.1 million likes on its X post, urging viewers to watch the genuine trailer on YouTube.

As the GTA 6 trailer gains unprecedented traction, it remains to be seen whether it can surpass the monumental record set by BTS. In the interim, enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of the highly anticipated game, set for release in 2025, through the riveting trailer that has captivated millions across the YouTube platform.

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