TIPA: The World’s Most Efficient Consumer Solar Panel

TIPA: The World’s Most Efficient Consumer Solar Panel

Introducing TIPA (Total Internal Photonic Absorption), a groundbreaking photovoltaic and heat capture hybrid system that’s engineered for excellence. Our exclusive patented 3D Solar Panel outperforms any other solar panel on the market, delivering an astounding 3 times more energy generation per unit of space.

Don’t miss out on this cutting-edge technology that’s revolutionizing solar power!

Anticipate a significantly greater efficiency in harnessing solar energy compared to
conventional solar panels.

Tipa stands for “Total Internal Photonic Absorption” and already explains the approach. This is a hexagonal structure that is somewhat reminiscent of a tent. The interior walls are covered with solar cells and a mirror redirects the light. Thanks to its three-dimensional structure, sunlight can be used much more effectively.

While conventional solar modules canonly convert around 20 percent of the energy into electricity, the manufacturer of Tipa speaks of around 60 percent. This would of course be a major gain in efficiency when generating solar power.

Interested parties can purchase a tipa from the crowdfunding campaign starting at 36 euros -of course taking the usual risks into account. In addition, Kickstarters have to wait a long time for shipping if the campaign is ultimately a success.

The product is not scheduled to ship until May 2024.

Further details about Tipa can be found on-

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