Discord is shutting down its AI chatbot Clyde

Discord is shutting down its AI chatbot Clyde

Discord Announces Shutdown of AI Chatbot Clyde

Discord, the popular chat and communities app, has revealed its decision to deactivate Clyde, its experimental AI chatbot, at the end of the month. Users will no longer be able to interact with Clyde in DMs, Group DMs, or server chats starting December 1st. The AI chatbot, which was introduced earlier this year and utilized OpenAI’s models, aimed to answer questions and engage in conversations with Discord users.

The sudden shutdown of Clyde raises questions about the future of AI features on Discord. It remains unclear whether Clyde might reappear as a paid Nitro-only feature or if Discord has determined that integrating an AI chatbot is not necessary for its service. Discord has been actively exploring various AI features, including AI-generated conversation summaries to help users catch up on missed conversations, especially in servers spanning multiple time zones. Additionally, Discord has been positioning itself as a platform for AI developers, offering funds and resources to support the development of AI apps for Discord.

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