Amazon Fire TVs Introduce Annoying Full-Screen Ads: What You Need to Know

Amazon Fire TVs Introduce Annoying Full-Screen Ads: What You Need to Know

If you’ve got a Fire TV, you might have noticed a recent change that’s more than a little frustrating. Instead of your usual home screen, a full-screen ad now greets you every time you turn on your Fire TV. Turns out, it’s not a glitch – it’s a “feature.”

A recent update shifted the default location of the Fire TV cursor. Previously starting on the navigation menu, it now lands on the large banner ad that dominates half of the Fire TV home menu. Highlighting this banner triggers the ad to play, making it the first thing you see upon startup.

The bad news is there isn’t a straightforward fix. You can disable video ads by navigating to the settings menu, selecting preferences, then featured content, and turning off the “allow video autoplay” option. However, this only replaces video ads with a static image. While you’re in the settings, it’s also advisable to disable audio autoplay, especially if you have kids or pets who might accidentally turn on your TV.

While ads are a part of the content landscape and necessary for supporting free content, the intrusive delivery of these ads is what’s causing the headache. Pop-up ads, though not new, are universally disliked, and efforts have been made to limit their impact online. The frustration is understandable, and if you’ve had enough of the ad onslaught, you might be considering alternative viewing platforms.

In the quest to maintain an ad-free sanctuary, some users are turning to their Xbox for a more unspoiled TV experience. It remains to be seen whether Amazon will address the user dissatisfaction or stick to its current ad-heavy approach.

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