Home Cybersecurity Okta Hack: Data Stolen From ‘All’ Customer Support Users

Okta Hack: Data Stolen From ‘All’ Customer Support Users

Okta Hack: Data Stolen From ‘All’ Customer Support Users

Okta Data Breach Exposes Extensive Customer Support User Information

The recent data breach at Okta, a leading password authenticator service, has revealed a more significant impact than initially reported. While Okta initially stated that only 1% of its customers were affected by the cyberattack in September, a recent blog post disclosed that hackers had stolen a report containing the names and email addresses of “all Okta customer support system users.”

David Bradbury, Okta’s Chief Security Officer, acknowledged in the post that there is no direct evidence of the information being actively exploited. However, he cautioned that the threat actors could potentially use this data for targeted phishing or social engineering attacks against Okta customers.

To enhance security measures, Bradbury urged all Okta customers to implement multi-factor authentication, a method requiring more than one security test, to safeguard their online information.

Based in San Francisco, Okta provides identity management tools, including single sign-in and multi-factor authentication, to ensure secure website logins. With over 18,000 corporate clients, including major entities like FedEx, S&P Global, T-Mobile, and Zoom, the breach has raised concerns about the exposure of sensitive information.

This incident marks at least the third security breach for Okta within the past year. In January 2022, the Lapsus$ extortion group gained access to a customer support engineer’s account, sharing screenshots of Okta’s systems. In August, the Scatter Swine hacking group claimed to have breached Okta customer data, affecting over 100 companies, including software firm Twilio.

As of now, Okta has not responded to Business Insider’s request for comment made outside normal working hours.