OpenAI Board Backs Decision to Oust Sam Altman as C.E.O.

OpenAI Board Backs Decision to Oust Sam Altman as C.E.O.

OpenAI Board Stands by Decision to Oust Sam Altman as CEO

In a recent internal memo sent to OpenAI staff, the board of directors reiterated its commitment to the decision to remove former CEO Sam Altman. Emmett Shear, a former Twitch executive, has been appointed as the new interim chief executive, replacing Mira Murati. The board expressed confidence in Shear’s unique skills, expertise, and relationships, signaling its belief that he will drive OpenAI forward.

The memo, signed by the four directors, Adam D’Angelo, Helen Toner, Ilya Sutskever, and Tasha McCauley, emphasized Altman’s behavior and lack of transparency in interactions with the board as undermining its supervisory role. Altman’s abrupt firing surprised the tech industry and OpenAI’s investors, including Microsoft, which learned of the exit just a minute before the public announcement.

The board, including Microsoft as the largest investor, affirmed the necessity of Altman’s removal to preserve its ability to execute responsibilities and advance OpenAI’s mission.

The memo concluded that honesty and transparency are paramount for any CEO in their dealings with the board. OpenAI and Altman have yet to respond to requests for comment, making this an ongoing story with potential updates to follow.

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