Accenture Expands Australian Presence with Acquisition of ATI Solutions Group

Accenture Expands Australian Presence with Acquisition of ATI Solutions Group

Helping Clients Automate Field Operations Faster and More Efficiently

In a strategic move to bolster its capabilities in the Australian market, Accenture has successfully acquired ATI Solutions Group, a prominent consulting service provider based in Perth. ATI’s specialization in serving the mining, energy, and rail sectors aligns seamlessly with Accenture’s commitment to enhancing digital transformation across industries. This acquisition further solidifies Accenture’s position as a leader in offering cutting-edge solutions to complex operational challenges.

The acquisition underscores Accenture’s recognition of the demand for specialized digital and industrial expertise in Western Australia. The region’s dynamic mining, energy, and rail industries require innovative solutions to optimize operations, and ATI’s proficiency in these areas makes it a valuable addition to the Accenture portfolio.

Unlocking Operational Excellence Through Automation

ATI Solutions Group brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a diverse skill set and a strong track record in managing capital projects, ATI enables clients to streamline operations through automation and remote management. From automating mines and rail networks to implementing smart maintenance workflows, ATI empowers clients to harness the power of data analytics and optimization.

The company’s prowess in operational technology (OT) integration sets it apart. By seamlessly connecting operational technology with enterprise IT systems, ATI enables companies to identify operational issues swiftly and automate processes efficiently. This synergy between IT and OT drives faster problem-solving and process enhancement in the field.

Elevating Operational Excellence with Digital Expertise

Steven Walsh, Industry X lead for Accenture in Australia and New Zealand, emphasizes the pivotal role of digital technology and automation in modern operations. ATI’s proven expertise amplifies Accenture’s capability to empower clients in critical areas of their business. This acquisition marks a significant stride towards reinforcing Accenture’s commitment to helping asset-intensive companies derive maximum value from their operations.

Pete Burns, leader of Accenture’s business in Australia and New Zealand, emphasizes the strategic importance of the ATI acquisition. By adding ATI’s capabilities to its portfolio, Accenture not only strengthens its foothold in the West Australian market but also extends its ability to drive total enterprise transformation for clients.

Empowering People and Driving Growth

Matt Andrews, Director and Co-Founder of ATI, expresses enthusiasm about the acquisition’s potential. Joining forces with Accenture means unlocking new avenues for clients and offering enhanced growth prospects to the company’s dedicated workforce. The alignment of values and expertise between ATI and Accenture sets the stage for a synergistic partnership.

Approximately 60 employees and contractors from ATI’s locations in Perth and other parts of Australia will integrate into Accenture’s digital engineering and manufacturing service, Industry X. This move solidifies Accenture’s commitment to investing in Australia and New Zealand’s digital transformation landscape.

A Trail of Transformation

Accenture’s acquisition of ATI Solutions Group follows a trail of strategic moves aimed at enhancing its capabilities and expanding its global footprint. The acquisition of US infrastructure advisory and management company Anser Advisory is another testament to Accenture’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to its clients.

Accenture’s acquisition of ATI Solutions Group exemplifies its dedication to delivering tangible value, fostering innovation, and driving operational excellence across industries. This synergy is set to empower businesses, shape industries, and unlock new possibilities on the digital frontier.

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