Pear Commerce Raises $10M in Series A Funding to Transform Shoppable Media and Enhance Retail Ecommerce Strategies

Pear Commerce Raises $10M in Series A Funding to Transform Shoppable Media and Enhance Retail Ecommerce Strategies

Pear Commerce, the retail ecommerce enablement platform for omnichannel brands, has announced the successful closure of a $10 million Series A funding round. The round was led by Stage 2 Capital, following the company’s impressive 5x year-over-year growth and its role in powering shoppable experiences for five of the top 20 CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) companies. Additional participants in this funding round include Heartland Ventures, Homegrown Ventures, Dundee Venture Capital, M25, and Daren Cotter.

In today’s market, modern consumers demand an omnichannel shopping experience that seamlessly bridges channels, platforms, and devices. Pear Commerce addresses this need by constructing all digital paths to purchase for a brand—from and brand media to Pear’s innovative technology creates shoppable experiences across over 3,000 retailers and 165,000 store locations, with daily inventory updates, facilitating frictionless purchasing while capturing actionable insights on consumer behavior.

By owning the digital paths to purchase, Pear Commerce enables brands to understand key performance drivers and optimize their marketing budgets around crucial events such as clicks, retailer selections, and purchase confirmations. Additionally, Pear integrates with all major ad platforms, allowing brands to build owned custom audiences of retail ecommerce shoppers, thereby improving their return on ad spend (ROAS).

This funding follows the recent launch of Pear Connect, a shoppable ad unit that integrates where-to-buy technology directly into the ad itself, seamlessly bridging shoppers from CPG brands’ digital ads to retailer websites with a single click. Pear Connect enhances existing social and display ad creatives by dynamically serving the in-stock product and retailer combinations most likely to be selected, leveraging Pear’s daily inventory scanning technology and ad platforms’ algorithms. Pear Commerce continues to dominate the digital paths from brand to retailer with the introduction of its new recipe product, solidifying its position in creating seamless shoppability for brands.

“Our vision is to empower CPG brands with the same transparency and efficiency that direct-to-consumer brands enjoy,” said Eric Martell, Co-founder of Pear Commerce. “This funding will help us grow our team and enhance our technology to provide exceptional support and insights for our clients, ensuring that every marketing dollar is optimized for maximum impact.”

“Pear’s technology is fundamentally changing the way CPG brands engage with consumers, making it easier for them to meet their customers wherever they prefer to shop,” stated Alex Wyler, Co-founder of Pear Commerce. “With this investment, we’re excited to expand our product development and provide more brands with the comprehensive data and insights needed to drive meaningful growth.”

The Series A funding round aligns with Pear’s commitment to continue innovating and expanding its platform to meet the evolving needs of CPG brands, retail partners, and their customers. New initiatives and product launches are on the horizon, poised to further enhance the retail ecommerce landscape.

“Pear Commerce is transforming how brands connect with consumers in the retail ecommerce space,” said Liz Christo, Partner at Stage 2 Capital. “Their cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation are setting new benchmarks for the industry. We are excited to support Pear’s journey as they expand and redefine how the market thinks about shoppable media.”

The Series A investment will accelerate Pear Commerce’s mission to make everything shoppable and unlock the direct-to-consumer marketing playbook for CPG brands. The funding will be used for product development, market expansion, and hiring, including the addition of three key positions: Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Engineering, and Head of Customer Success.

In addition to these expansions, Pear Commerce is also exploring strategic partnerships with other industry leaders to further integrate their technology and expand their reach. The company is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of retail ecommerce and setting new standards for the industry.

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