Adsy Reviews 2024: Pros, Cons Fees and Services

Adsy Reviews 2024: Pros, Cons Fees and Services

Adsy is a blogger outreach and guest posting services platform where publishers and buyers meet in one place. I have been using Adsy for the last 1 year as both publisher and buyer and learned all the pros and cons of this platform.

Adsy is very much unique and helpful platform to me especially as a blog publisher. There are not too many platforms or services available like this one. Yes, I know there is one more alternative website available to Adsy such as iCopify. I also like this platform but today is about Adsy. So, let’s dive into the Adsy reviews.

What is Adsy?

If you have any blogging or news website even any business website then Adsy is going to increase your revenue stream if you want! All you need to make sure that your website has good SEO metrics such as domain authority, and Ahres DR and must receive some organic traffic monthly. Why? Because Adsy is a guest posting marketplace that connects publishers and advertisers in one place. Publisher list their website and sell their guest posting services here and the buyers purchase guest posting services from the publisher in order to publish their guest posts to the website or insert link to any specific URL and anchor text.

What is guest posting?

If you are a newbie to the world of the internet then the word ‘guest posting’ might be new to you. Guest posting is a way to showcase your expertise and increase your personal branding by publishing your high-quality content to a reputable website. The website can be a blog, news media, business, services, etc. depending on what your needs are. But besides personal branding people, especially digital marketers need this to increase brand awareness and get backlinks from a high-authority website. But most of the websites offer no-follow external links with the article content. But this not gonna help to the linked website as the website need a do-follow backlink from that site. But no one gonna provide any do-follow link for free as this is a one type of earning stream for every website.

What is no-follow link?

Nofollow links have a rel=”nofollow” tag, telling search engines to ignore them. These links don’t impact search rankings as they don’t pass PageRank.

What is do-follow link?

Dofollow links are hyperlinks that allow search engines like Google to follow them and reach your website or blog. When you use a dofollow link on your site, it sends authority to your website by indicating to search engines which other sites, blogs, or posts are linking to you.

Now back to our today’s main topic about Adsy’s reviews. I think I have written too much ‘techy’ except Adsy! But as you may realize this also important to learn about some basics of SEO.

Is Adsy trusted?

“Is Adsy trusted or not”, and “Is Adsy legit?” I think this is the main reason why you may start reading to this article. Not in my opinion but as an Adsy user and publisher in this marketplace I have no doubt or any question about whether Adsy trusted or not. I haven’t faced any issues yet as I think they are very well organized their marketplace and services. Adsy is a 100% trusted blogger outreach marketplace for both buyers and publishers. You can trust the Adsy platform and focus on your service quality.

How Adsy works?

As we learned earlier, If you have a blog website and want to earn money by publishing guest postings and link insertion then Adsy will connect you with the right buyer who needs these services to increase their website authority. And as a buyer, you can select the right website for publish your guest post with do-follow backlink.

As a publisher

To get started with Adsy create an account first with basic personal information then from My platforms>My websites section, list your website and submit it to Adsy for review. If your website meets their minimum requirements for website approval within some days you will be notified from your dashboard notification area. If you see your website mark as “Sale in inventory’ that means your site is approved by Adsy and now available to the marketplace infront of buyers. You site may also be rejected if it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. So, it’s important to look at carefully Adsy’s terms for approval from the ‘My website’ section before proceeding to add the website.

If you are a publisher and your website gets approval whenever you receive a new task or order you can see it from your dashboard also Adsy will inform you via email if you set your email preference correctly. Then you need to complete this task carefully. If the buyer orders you as ‘content placement’ then the buyer will submit the full content you just need to publish this content on your website. Make sure that the ‘promoted/targeted URL’ does not contain ‘nofollow’, ‘sponsored’ tag; this is the most important.

Also, make sure that the link is inserted on the correct ‘anchor text’ that was submitted by the buyer. If everything is okay you should submit the live URL to the buyer for review. If the buyer finds all is okay then he will approve it and the funds in your account will be transferred from ‘on-hold’ to your balance. You will be eligible to send a withdrawal request once your balance reaches $60.

As a buyer

As a buyer on the Adsy platform, you have a fantastic opportunity to access a wide-ranging publisher list all in one convenient marketplace. As a buyer, you can efficiently search and find the ideal websites to initiate the process of link-building for your website. This platform provides a seamless and comprehensive solution for buyers looking to enhance their website’s online presence through link building.

If you’re not happy with any publisher’s work you can reject it or send it for improvement. No risk from your end! Adsy also provides an article replacement service so if your article has been removed from the publisher’s website then you can request the publisher for replacement or reach out to Adsy have a look at this issue.

TIPS: Before choosing any publisher have a look at the publisher’s past works and where it has been published (main domain or subdomain)

Get Started with Adsy!

Adsy payment method

There are multiple payment methods available on Adsy- which I personally like most about this platform.

  • 1. PayPal
  • 2. USDT (TRC20)


Support is available via direct call and email.

Fees and rates

Adsy will deduct a 10% commission fee for both PayPal and USDT withdrawals. There is no more service charge or hidden fee included.

Adsy Reviews and Ratings

  • Service Quality: 9/10
  • Support: 8/10
  • Pricing/fee: 8/10
  • Navigating website: 9/10
  • Features: 8/10

So! What are you waiting for? Get started with Adsy now and add an extra revenue stream to your website!

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