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Bigger Burgers, More Meat Testing This Year

Bigger Burgers, More Meat Testing This Year

McDonald’s is upping its burger game with plans to test a larger-sized offering in select markets this year, according to Chief Financial Officer Ian Borden. During a call with analysts on Tuesday, Borden revealed that the chain’s culinary team has crafted a bigger, more satisfying burger that will undergo testing later this year before potential global expansion.

This move follows Borden’s previous hints at a “significant” opportunity for McDonald’s to introduce a larger-sized burger. The chain had previously experimented with premium burger offerings in the mid-90s, such as the Arch Deluxe, but without success.

The upcoming changes are part of McDonald’s extensive growth plan outlined in December, which includes revamping its burgers with approximately 50 modifications. These modifications, initially tested in Australia and select U.S. markets in 2023, include replacing the Big Mac’s sesame seed bun with buttery brioche and increasing the amount of the beloved “special sauce.”

Despite challenges and past attempts, McDonald’s remains focused on innovation and growth. The company reported positive Q1 2024 earnings, with a 2% quarterly increase in global comparable sales, marking its 13th consecutive quarter of comparable sales growth.

CEO Chris Kempczinski emphasized McDonald’s commitment to delivering value and excellence to discerning consumers, aiming to maintain customer loyalty amidst changing preferences and economic conditions.

McDonald’s stock experienced a slight decline of just over 8% as of Tuesday afternoon.