Google Files Lawsuit Against Developers of Fake Crypto Investment Apps

Google Files Lawsuit Against Developers of Fake Crypto Investment Apps

Google has taken legal action against two developers accused of creating 87 fraudulent cryptocurrency investment apps on the Google Play store, allegedly resulting in over 100,000 victims falling prey to an international scam. The complaint, filed in a New York district court, alleges that the developers targeted unsuspecting users through deceptive tactics, including YouTube videos, affiliate marketing campaigns, and romance scam messages.

Key Points:

  • The lawsuit alleges that the developers lured victims into investing in fake cryptocurrency schemes, leading to losses ranging from $100 to tens of thousands of dollars per victim.
  • The fraudulent apps employed various tactics to attract users, including sending misleading text messages designed to initiate conversations and ultimately persuade victims to download the apps and deposit money.
  • Victims encountered difficulties withdrawing their funds from the apps, with customer service lines either non-functional or requesting additional withdrawal fees ranging from 10% to 30%, under the guise of commissions or taxes.
  • Google named several fraudulent apps, including TionRT, Starlight, and SkypeWallet, as examples in the complaint.
  • The developers allegedly used YouTube videos featuring paid actors posing as the leadership teams behind the apps to lend legitimacy to their schemes. They also conducted affiliate marketing campaigns and issued public press releases.
  • Google alleges that the developers misrepresented their identity, location, and the nature of their applications to upload the fraudulent apps to the Google Play store.
  • The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and requests the court to block the defendants from accessing Google services.


  • This lawsuit underscores Google’s efforts to combat fraudulent activities on its platforms and protect users from deceptive schemes.
  • It highlights the importance of vigilance and due diligence when investing in cryptocurrency or engaging with financial apps, especially those promoted through unconventional channels.
  • Legal action against developers of fake cryptocurrency apps serves as a warning to others engaging in similar fraudulent practices, aiming to deter future misconduct and safeguard consumer trust in digital platforms.

Google’s legal action against developers of fake crypto investment apps reflects its commitment to maintaining the integrity of its platforms and protecting users from financial scams. As the cryptocurrency market continues to attract investors worldwide, it becomes imperative for tech companies to enhance security measures and combat fraudulent activities effectively.

Mubarak Hossain
Mubarak Hossain
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