AppDirect Received $100 Million Financing from CDPQ

AppDirect Received $100 Million Financing from CDPQ

AppDirect, a San Francisco- and Montreal-based platform, has successfully raised $100 million in funding from CDPQ to support the expansion of its financing program for small- and medium-sized tech businesses. The funding is intended to enhance AppDirect’s Capital Invest program, which provides a loan program for technology advisors to offer upfront payments to tech businesses.

The Capital Invest program by AppDirect empowers technology advisors by allowing firms to submit their business data from the past three years. In response, AppDirect provides an all-cash offer, along with back-office support and provider contracts based on the firm’s annual recurring revenue. The loan structure involves annuity payments to AppDirect, ensuring a continuous revenue stream after the loan’s closing.

Emanuel Bertolin, Chief Revenue Officer at AppDirect, highlighted the importance of fast access to capital for technology merchants in the dynamic market. The Capital Invest program aims to support technology advisors in expanding their businesses or investing in the future, providing innovative capital options.

AppDirect, founded in 2009 by Nicolas Desmarais and Dan Saks, operates a platform connecting buyers, sellers, and IT advisors to facilitate the purchasing, selling, and management of technology. The company’s tools enable businesses to monetize or purchase tech products across various channels and devices. AppDirect generates revenue through its monetization services and transaction fees from products and services traded on its platform.

The company launched the Capital Invest program in 2021, and with the recent $100 million investment from CDPQ, the program’s total size reaches $180 million. AppDirect has raised nearly half a billion dollars in debt and equity from various investors, including JP Morgan Chase, Mithril Capital Management, and Inovia Capital.

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