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OpenAI Completes First Phase of New Governance Structure

OpenAI Completes First Phase of New Governance Structure

OpenAI has completed the first phase of its new governance structure, adding Microsoft as a nonvoting board member. Sam Altman, reinstated as CEO, outlined the company’s priorities, emphasizing the resumption of work on building safe AI systems and products for customers.

Microsoft, a significant investor with a $13 billion commitment, expands the three-person board announced last week. While Microsoft can participate in board meetings, it won’t have voting rights on business decisions. Altman also mentioned an independent review of events leading to and following his removal and expressed a commitment to enhancing governance. About 700 employees had signed a letter threatening to leave if Altman didn’t return, leading to his reinstatement.

Key Points:

  • Governance Improvements: Microsoft’s inclusion in the board is seen as a step toward enhancing predictability, transparency, and stakeholder input in OpenAI’s governance.
  • Board Composition: The board now comprises Microsoft, Bret Taylor (new Chairman), Lawrence Summers (former Treasury secretary), and Adam D’Angelo (CEO of Quora).
  • Independent Review: An independent review will be conducted, overseen by Bret Taylor and Lawrence Summers. The review will investigate the events leading to Altman’s removal and its aftermath.
  • Continued Commitment: OpenAI aims to maintain its commitment to building safe AI that benefits humanity. Future board members will likely include individuals with expertise in technology and safety policy.
  • Executive Team: The executive team will see the return of Mira Murati as CTO, with Greg Brockman continuing as President and Sam Altman as CEO.
  • Ilya Sutskever: The future role of Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s Chief Scientist and one of the board members who voted for Altman’s removal, is uncertain. Altman expressed discussions with Sutskever on his continued work at OpenAI.


OpenAI’s governance overhaul and the reinstatement of Sam Altman mark efforts to address internal conflicts and re-establish stability within the organization. The addition of Microsoft to the board reflects a strategic partnership and financial backing. The independent review aims to provide insights into recent events and ensure transparency. OpenAI continues to navigate challenges, aiming to maintain its mission of developing safe and beneficial AI technologies for the global community.