Buy $50 of eSIM credit for just $19 right now


Avoid roaming costs with this $50 eSIM for $19. 


Travel has so many benefits, like expanding your worldview, understanding other cultures, and spending quality time with those you love. But the roaming charges you could potentially rack up when you’re off exploring are not great. That’s why there are eSIM cards. And this digital SIM card from aloSIM comes with a $50 data credit and is available for just $19 right now. This deal will expire tonight.

This allows you to connect to data networks in 170+ countries, giving you internet access to look up nearby restaurants, sightseeing spots, check emails, and even get some work done if you need to.

While your lifetime eSIM never expires, the date does. Here’s how it works:

  1. After purchasing the voucher here, a day or so before you leave on a trip, select one of aloSIM’s data packages and install the eSIM (digital SIM card) on any compatible device. Then when you arrive at your destination, activate your package to start using the data.

  2. While the eSIM itself never expires, the actual data package is only valid for the length of time stated at purchase. So if you buy a seven-day package and only use a tiny bit of the data, that data package is still going to expire after seven days.

  3. aloSIM has data packages priced as low as $4.50 for a week of data.

As long as you are using an eSIM-compatible smartphone, laptop, or tablet, you will be good to go. 

A practical, money-saving gift for the traveler in your life, this deal is only valid for a limited time.