ChatGPT is powering a new kind of Snapchat lens

Snapchat will soon have AR lenses that use ChatGPT. The company announced the update today at Lens Fest, its annual developer event.

The new beta of Lens Studio for developers includes the ability to create filters with ChatGPT. In an example lens, Snap shows a solar system-themed filter where a user has asked, “How far away is Neptune?” Within a few seconds, the lens returns an answer to the question. The new feature could also be applied to create quizzes or randomizers, according to TechCrunch.

Snap’s AI lenses are powered by ChatGPT.
Image: Snap

AI-powered creation tools are springing up across platforms — YouTube, Meta, and TikTok have all announced features like photo editing and filters that rely on generative AI. Meta’s AI chatbots, announced in September, include celebrities like MrBeast and Kendall Jenner acting as the faces of AI characters. TikTok has also introduced a way to flag content as being created using AI tools, perhaps anticipating that AI-generated content will only increase as time goes on.

Snap also says lens developers will be able to use a new 3D face mask generator to create generative AI face lenses. The new developer tools announced include the ability for multiple people to work on projects at the same time.