Garuda KDE Dr460nized might be the coolest-looking Linux distro available

The default Gauda Dr460nized desktop.

Garuda Dr460nized is a beautiful and user-friendly Linux distribution.

Jack Wallen/ZDNET

When I first started using Linux back in the late 90s, I realized I could create a desktop environment that would be the envy of anyone who laid eyes on my display. Back then, I was playing around with the likes of Enlightenment and AfterStep, both of which made it possible to seriously tweak the look and feel of the desktop.

Although the look of my desktop is still important, it doesn’t consume my time as it once did. Now my style leans toward the minimalist with a very functional bent. 

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But every so often, I long for those days of having a desktop that makes people’s eyes go wide and their jaws drop. Sadly, I just don’t have to the time spend hours a day tinkering with configuration files and re-compiling things to meet my specific aesthetic goals.

Fortunately, there are still Linux distributions that lean heavily into the look and feel of the desktop. One such distribution is from the developers of Garuda Linux, which is a general-purpose operating system based on Arch Linux. Even though it has an Arch base, Garuda is quite easy to use. In fact, Garuda Linux is as easy to use as any desktop operating system.

Oh, and did I mention they have a version you can download that might be the coolest-looking desktop OS on the market? This version is called Dr460nized (or “dragonized”) and uses the KDE Plasma desktop to present users with an interface that looks exactly how you might think it would. 

It’s beautiful, easy to use, reliable, secure, and ready to be your go-to operating system.

It’s based on Arch

As I mentioned earlier, Garuda is based on Arch Linux but you won’t have to worry about getting your fingers dirty with commands because (like many Arch-based distributions) this operating system has user-friendly GUIs for everything. Even still, Garuda benefits from the rock-solid stability of Arch Linux, without all the Archy-complications.

It’s Dragon-y theme is throughout

If you like the way the desktop looks, you’ll be happy to know the dragon-ized theme is throughout the entire desktop. Every app, every rendered font, every color… it all comes together to create a seven-layered dip of gorgeousness. And you don’t necessarily have to be a big fan of dragons to love this look.

The Garuda Dr460nized Welcome app.

The dragon theme holds true, throughout the…