Fortnite’s new ‘OG’ season is a trip through the game’s history

The Fortnite island is changing once again — but this time, it’ll look very familiar to longtime fans. The game just launched its latest season, which has been dubbed “Fortnite OG.” According to developer Epic Games, the game will be regularly updated throughout the season, and “each major update will bring a different phase of battle royale’s past.”

The rest of OG will dig into subsequent chapters. On November 9th, there will be a season 6-themed update (that means quadcrashers and six-shooters), November 16th will tackle seasons 7 and 8 (Stormwing planes and mini-guns), and November 23rd will cover seasons 9 and X (jetpacks and the Baller).

This season is also different in that it is much shorter than usual. Whereas a Fortnite season typically lasts around three months, Fortnite OG will span just four weeks. Because of this, the battle pass — called an OG pass here — will feature 50 unlockable items, half the normal pass, but will still cost the normal 950 V-bucks. (Players will be able to unlock 1,000 V-bucks if they complete the pass, and it remains free for Fortnite Crew subscribers.) Here’s the cast of characters you can unlock — they’re remixes of popular outfits from the game’s history:

Naturally, the in-game shop will also feature what Epic describes as a “curated selections of classic, mashup, and fresh items” to purchase.