3 reasons why I ditched my Samsung Galaxy foldable for the OnePlus Open

OnePlus Open

Matthew Miller/ZDNET

In 2019, I drove eight hours to find and purchase the first-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold. As a train commuter and regular business traveler, the idea of a foldable device that served as both a phone and small tablet was perfect for me. And with the Samsung, the engineering and innovation blew me away. 

I’ve owned the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 for more than a year now and have been tempted by the Google Pixel Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 5. After seeing all of the excitement around the OnePlus Open, including videos of people observing, testing, and building the phone in China, I decided to pull the trigger when the device was available to purchase. It certainly helped that OnePlus offered — and still offers — some enticing trade-in options, so I was able to get a total discount of $800 all things said and done.

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The OnePlus Open has been in my hand for nearly a week, and even after that short amount of time, it is clear to me that OnePlus hit it out of the park on its first attempt. There is a lot to explore with this device, and I look forward every day to finding new features and functions. If you’re on the fence about upgrading to one, here are three reasons why I prefer the OnePlus Open over all other foldable devices currently available today.

OnePlus Open in hand


OnePlus Open

The $1,699 OnePlus Open provides a comfortable outer display experience with a durable hinge that transforms it into a full-on tablet.

1. Refined design

For the past four years, I have defended Samsung’s Fold design with its narrow front display since it provided enough room for me to perform communication functions and essential activities while also being able to reach across with one hand for most actions. After just a few days with the OnePlus Open, I’m ready to put my Z Fold 4 on the market. The wider 6.31-inch display on the Open provides more room to perform mobile tasks, including using two apps in split-screen mode.

OnePlus Open with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Google Pixel Fold

The Google Pixel Fold (left), OnePlus Open (middle), and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 (right).  

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Samsung set the bar for large-screen foldables, and its innovation with the hinge has been an engineering marvel. However, there was always a visible bump in the center of the main display, and the hinge did not allow the device to fold completely flat…