Threads might let you stop it from suggesting your posts on Instagram and Facebook

If you don’t like the idea of your Threads posts popping up on other users’ Instagram and Facebook feeds, Meta may soon add a way to stop this. As spotted by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Threads appears to be working on a new privacy setting, titled “Suggesting posts on other apps.”

From what it looks like, the setting will let you prevent Threads from recommending your posts on Instagram, Facebook, or both. Currently, Meta may suggest your Threads posts to other users on either platform if you have a public profile, which is why you might have noticed carousels of Threads posts sandwiched within your Facebook and Instagram feeds lately.

Meta is obviously using recommended posts as a tool to promote and grow its X (formerly Twitter) alternative, but it’s nice that Meta might be working on a way for users to opt out. Last week, Threads responded to a user’s complaint about their content showing up on Instagram and Facebook, saying, “We’re listening to feedback like yours as we continue to build on this.”