Learn a new language with a lifetime Babbel subscription for just $140


Get this lifetime language subscription for just $140 now. 


The holidays are around the corner, and its a great time to take advantage of unique gifts this season. Learning a new language could be a great opportunity to share new skills with someone you love. 

This Babbel language learning lifetime subscription is just $140 through Nov. 6, getting you over 75% off. 

Babbel is a language-learning platform (used by over ten million people around the world) that empowers users to study any of 14 available languages. The lessons are designed to be digestible and short — ten to fifteen minutes — so that everyday people and professionals can fit learning into their busy schedules. 

Babbel also helps personalize its educational model. You can work on previous material that you still need to hone, and it covers a wide range of real-life topics like business, eating, traveling, and more. 

The language platform is designed with travel in mind — to help you when you finally take that trip abroad. It is a conversation-focused platform that puts more emphasis on helping you speak and understand, as opposed to more comprehension-driven curriculum you might find available elsewhere. It also uses speech-recognition technology to help guide you while you’re getting a feel for proper pronunciation and accents. 

Get this Babbel language learning lifetime subscription on sale for just $140 now.