How to customize your Samsung Galaxy phone with the Good Lock app

If you own a Galaxy smartphone and you haven’t already discovered the Samsung Good Lock app, I’d recommend getting it installed at your earliest opportunity. It’s packed with tweaks, tools, and options that build on top of what Samsung already puts into its One UI version of Android.

Good Lock lets you take much more control over how your phone interface looks as well as helping you to do more with your phone. Whether you want to design your own clock face for the lock screen, switch between apps more quickly, or change the behavior of the S Pen stylus, Good Lock can help.

Getting started

To get started, open the Galaxy Store on your Samsung phone, then find and install the Good Lock app. 

The app works by using mini apps called modules. When you’ve installed these modules through Good Lock, some of them will show up as normal apps on your phone in your regular app drawer, while others will need to be accessed through Good Lock — they will show up on the top of the same screen you use to install the modules.

When you open Good Lock, you’ll see two tabs at the bottom of the screen: Make up, where you’ll find customization modules, and Life up, where you go for modules covering under-the-hood tweaks. Scroll down to see what is available. 

There are too many modules to cover all of them here, but I’ve picked out some of my favorites to get you up and running and to give you a good idea of what Good Lock is capable of. (I tried them out on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 running Android 13 and One UI 5.1.1.)

Edit the Quick Panel with QuickStar

Changing the colors of the Quick Panel.

QuickStar lets you customize the Quick Panel — that’s the gallery of options that appear when you drag down from the top of the screen, covering Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggle switches, the flashlight, and so on. You can find it on the Make up tab.

Once you’ve installed it, it will appear at the top of your Good Lock list of modules. Tap on the entry and enable the toggle at the top of the screen to bring up the customization options.

You can now tailor the Quick Panel to suit your own tastes. 

  • Style your own Quick Panel lets you switch between color themes. 
  • Visibility of Indicator Icons lets you show or hide elements on the status bar right at the top of the display (including Wi-Fi and airplane mode icons). 
  • Use Clock Settings to customize the clock that appears when the Quick Panel is shown.

There are several other options available. I found the Quick settings instant access toggle switch to be handy — turn this on, and the entire selection of Quick Panel settings shows up right away. (Normally, one swipe shows a few key toggle switches, and another swipe down is needed to reveal the rest.)

Customize the clock with ClockFace

ClockFace lets you tweak almost every…