Errands is a simple and beautiful to-do list for Linux


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With each passing day, I get busier and busier and more things require my immediate attention. Family, clients, cats…you name it and someone has me doing something.

To that end, I depend on to-do lists — and have done for many years. I’ve worked with Google Keep and I can’t imagine I’ll migrate away from that app because of it’s ability to sync with all of my devices. Lately, however, I’ve been kicking the tires of a Linux to-do list called Errands and I’m impressed. It’s simple to use, well designed, and sticks to what it does best — to-dos.

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That minimal feature set is both Errand’s strength and weakness. I’ve never been a big fan of apps that try to do too many things. Once upon a time, I used Evernote for to-do lists. Eventually, however, Evernote tried too hard to be too many things, which caused it to lose some of its usefulness (at least for me). 

Google Keep has always struck that balance between being easy to use and having just the right amount of features. The only thing stopping me from dumping Keep for Errands is that Errands can only sync with two different services, Nextcloud and CalDAV. I’ve tested the Nextcloud sync, and although I can get Errands to connect to my Nextcloud server, the to-dos don’t show up anywhere — not even within the ToDos app. 

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What that means, at least for now, is that Errands will be limited to my desktop. And that’s fine because I spend a lot of time at my desktop and need to keep track of things. So, having a “local” to-do list and a “global” to-do list suits me just fine.

The Errands UI.

Errands makes keeping a list of tasks and sub-tasks simple.

Screenshot by Jack Wallen/ZDNET

The feature list of Errands is quite short at the moment, but that doesn’t detract from the usability of the app. The feature list includes:

  • Add, remove, and edit tasks/sub-tasks
  • Mark tasks/sub-tasks as completed
  • Accent colors can be added for each task/sub-task
  • Sync tasks with Nextcloud or other CalDAV providers
  • Drag-and-drop support

That’s all you get with Errands. But if you’re looking for a to-do app to make keeping track of things as simple as it gets, Errands is a great option.

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As far as the drag-and-drop…