Google updates its generative AI-powered Search experience

Google updates its generative AI-powered Search experience

Google’s AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) is introducing a major new feature: images and videos. Users who have enabled the SGE feature in Search Labs will now see more multimedia content in the summary box at the top of their search results. Google is also working on improving the speed at which the summary box appears and adding more context to the links included in it.

Contextualizing links remains important for SGE’s success, and Google will now display publish dates next to the articles in the summary box to help users gauge the recency of the information. Google has also been experimenting with in-line links in the AI summary.

Google AI Search

However, making SGE faster is a challenge as large language model-based tools like SGE take time to generate answers. Google has been working on reducing loading times, but there is still room for improvement in this regard.

Despite the challenges, SGE has shown its usefulness in providing helpful and diverse search results, particularly for queries that require ideas and options rather than a definitive answer. With more sources, media, and context, SGE has the potential to further evolve and change how users interact with search results.

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